Homeschool Advocacy Project

at University of Washington

Homeschoolers at UW Scholarship

$1000 Scholarship

Essay Contest

Arranged and awarded by the Homeschool Advocacy Project at UW

Offered: TBD

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Our goal in setting up this scholarship is to encourage homeschool graduates to examine their educational experiences, think critically about homeschooling, and improve their ability to describe and represent homeschooling to people in college and the broader community. Many students, faculty, and staff have had limited interaction with homeschoolers and base their opinions on stereotypes, or on one family they used to know. Like any kind of prejudice, negative attitudes towards homeschooling seem to me to be typically based on ignorance. Even many people who are relatively enthusiastic about homeschooling lack extensive firsthand experience with homeschoolers.

As homeschool graduates, we have frequent opportunities to influence what beliefs about homeschooling people around us hold. These could take the form of a presentation about homeschooling in an education class; involvement in formal advocacy efforts; or conversations with your roommates, classmates, and professors about your experiences homeschooling.

In order to educate others, ideally we will have reflected on our experiences and be familiar with the research available. This scholarship provides formerly homeschooled students with a reason to clarify their opinions on controversial issues related to home education and do some research to inform those opinions. 

In this way, we hope that this scholarship will benefit the entire homeschooling community, not just the talented student who receives the money towards his or her tuition. If we, as formerly homeschooled college students, engage with the University of Washington administration and improve the admissions policies for homeschoolers, this not only helps the students who are applying this year--this also helps the homeschooled kids who are currently having play-dates at the park and will be applying to University of Washington in ten years.


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