Homeschool Advocacy Project

at University of Washington

Homeschool Admissions Day

Are you approaching the time for college applications, and feeling a little overwhelmed by everything involved? 

This year's Homeschool Admissions Day will be August 20th, 2016

You can register here.

Homeschool Admissions Day will provide a crash course in preparing and applying to college, geared for current homeschoolers who are roughly high school age. Making the transition from independent education to college can be intimidating, especially if you unschool or are not very structured. There will also be information sessions on financial aid and scholarships, since being able to pay for college is as important as being able to get in.

This event will include

  • an overview of required high school credits or entrance requirements (College Academic Distribution Requirements) for Washington state universities, which will inform your creation of a homeschool transcript
  • a personal essay writing workshop
  • a session on financial aid and filing the FAFSA/WASFA
  • a workshop on applying for scholarships 
  • A discussion of Running Start and options for earning college credit while high school aged. 
Family members, including parents and siblings, are welcome to attend with their high school age students.
Students who are not specifically interested in applying to or attending UW are still welcome to attend this event. Most of the information will be applicable to all students who are interested in college. Sessions on financial aid, personal statement writing, homeschool transcript writing -- these will be helpful to those who want to go to small private schools as well as large universities.   

The event is geared for students who are ages 14 and upThe registration fee is $30. Waivers are available by request if you are experiencing financial hardship. 

Tax-deductible donations may be made to Homeschool Admissions Day through our scholarship fund (just email us and let us know the money should be used for Admissions Day.) We will use any donations we receive to help cover waivers for families who need them, as well as help pay for room rental and other event costs.  Donations can be made at this site or at the event in person.