Homeschool Advocacy Project

at University of Washington

What's Happening


We meet biweekly at various restaurants in U-District. Email or join our Facebook group to get on the mailing list and find out times and places for the meetings!




Are you a student at University of Washington who was homeschooled or is interested in homeschool advocacy?

We would love for you to get involved. You are welcome to share in leadership opportunities; get connected with other students, faculty, and staff; and help create a community on campus. All are welcome--freshmen to seniors. 

If you have ideas and are interested in following through, we will make them happen! If you can't think of any ideas right now but you want to help out with other people's ideas, that's great too. You can be involved to whatever extent you are comfortable, whether you co-lead the Homeschool Admissions Day event in April, help read scholarship essays, find donations for the scholarship, participate in the student panel at the Admissions event, contact colleges regarding representatives to come to the college fair, or make any other contribution.

If this sounds interesting, become a member of this site and email Nicole at