Homeschool Advocacy Project

at University of Washington

Feedback from Parents and Students after H.A.D. 2011

 "After attending Home School Admissions Day, I really felt inspired and so excited for the future of my teen and his younger siblings to follow.  I certainly felt the acceptance of Home School students coming into the UofW.  The UofW students helping with the day were such an encouragement!" 

"Thank you so much, attending this two day event was such a very big privilege for us."

"The HAP event was a great resource.  There was a lot of pertinent information given the short duration, and it was well worth the expenditure of our time.  I appreciate the organization and energy that went into making the day a success. I would recommend this to any college bound homeschoolers."

"Tremendous effort and a great opportunity for homeschooling parents and their home-schooled high school children to get good and up-to-date information on admission to UW."

"I am thankful for your hard work in coordinating this great opportunity to prepare my daughter for college."

"Thank you so much for inviting us to the UW campus for homeschool admissions day!  You guys did a great job of making explanations clear and keeping everything interesting.  I especially enjoyed the presentation about scholarships - before coming to admissions day, I had known that I wanted to apply for scholarships, but I wasn't sure how to get started.  Thanks to Michael's presentation, I now have many resources to help me apply for scholarships."

"Very well done, I loved it.  Thank you so much for organizing this great event!"

"A well-planned event with a good balance of general optimism (you can do this! the UW likes homeschoolers!) and concrete information (CADR requirements, FAFSA deadlines)."

"Many thanks to Nicole and all those who contributed to the inaugural UW Homeschool Admissions Day."

"I feel that visiting not just the campus, but the classes really energized my daughter. I've been explaining for years how college is different and how much more focused it is on your interests and your plan for life, now I feel like she finally got it."

"The session with the Honors Program Assistant Director was very helpful for us as well. She brought in a student staff worker to talk about her experience with the program which gave a nice perspective on it. She seemed very enthusiastic about my daughter's plan for combining her areas of interest."

"This event was everything we'd hoped for. I am deeply grateful for Nicole's presence in the homeschooling community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I loved the tour. Before going to this event I felt unsure about college, but after I feel more focused and excited about going."

"I really enjoyed my opportunity to work with a writing mentor. She had a lot of knowledge that wasn't just about writing transcripts, and not only helped me work on my transcript, but showed me how to easily search for colleges that fit my needs. I think this was the most helpful thing I learned all day."

"Loved the tour of classes on Friday. The admissions counselor was helpful, too. Thank you so much for putting this together for us!"

"This event was very well organized and well run. Congratulations! It was full of helpful information on many aspects of applying to the UW for homeschoolers. I especially appreciated the very concrete examples of transcript formats and the variety of speakers you brought in."

"I really appreciated hearing from Nicole's mom and Paula Harper-Christensen on the transition to a college-aged homeschooler. Both had very valuable thoughts to share, and I will remember them next year as I send my first child off to college!"

"Thanks for all your hard work, planning, communication and coordination. This was a very worthwhile event, and a great value."

"I was so impressed with the entire event and Nicole did a wonderful job.  She is so organized, helpful and friendly. I had heard about the project last year and she did a great job getting the word out through homeschool groups.  It was so inspiring for my child to sit in on a class and check out the campus.  It made a vague dream of attending a University more of a reality and gave confidence to both parent/student "Yes, I can do this!"  Seeing and hearing from students/parents who have already done this was very helpful.  No surprise here, but homeschool students are raising the bar in college!"

"As I said above, attending both a 100 level and 200 level class gave my student a taste of college life. He now feels more confident about college being a postive place vs. a scary place."

"Wow, I am so totally impressed!  You had a clear and inviting message from the beginning about "Homeschool Advocacy Day".  You gave us good reminders along the way via e-mail.  Signing up for classes to attend was fun for my daughter as you explained the options and content well.  You enclosed everything one needed to have a great visit.  On Saturday, it was easy to find where to meet.  I was blown away by the number of parents and students attending, especially on a rare sunny Saturday in Seattle!  That is a compliment to you and how well-organized and inviting and interesting you made this day.  Thank you so much for reaching out and expertly helping your fellow homeschoolers."

"Finding out about the personal statement in advance will give us the time to start thinking about it. This really helped my son to realize that High School class grades will really affect his choices when it comes to college. Thank you for such an informative weekend."

"The humor was absolutely necessary; just a bit to keep us from being too serious!  I feel a connection to UW I didn't have before; I'm more likely to encourage my son to attend.  Feel we might actually be able to afford it with all the financial aid available!"

"This was a great resource.  Your group did an excellent job.  It far exceeded my expectations and my students'.  She is now grim and determined to come to the UW main campus (we had been advocating towards the Tacoma campus instead).  I sincerely hope you will do it again next year!  It is a value to the whole home school community, which, by the size of the group you had, is clearly large and growing."

"I had never sat in on a college class, or talked personally with students of the school. It was great to experience that feeling of being there on campus with the students. Homeschool Admissions Day cured most of the fears I had of college. Now I'm actually looking forward to it!"

"This was a great experience! I learned a lot about the University of Washington as well as applying to Universities in general. Learning to write out our transcript and personal essay, how to apply for scholarships, were all great learning experiences. I appreciate all of the hard work put in by the volunteers, they are an inspiration!"

"This was a terrific event.  I attended with my daughter who is a freshman this year with the goal of getting our feet wet on our first college visit and opening doors to new possibilities.  I was looking forward to hearing from the college staff, and she wanted help understanding what her transcript should look like. We sat in on 3 classes that ranged from a large lecture to a intimate English lit survey and we were both totally impressed with the experience.  The workshops on Saturday were the most helpful of any homeschool OR college events I have attended.  The admissions and financial aid presentation really bridged the gap between doubt/confusion and possibility for us.  Being on campus for the 2 days helped us both become more comfortable and made UW really feel like a welcoming, smaller community.  It was everything we had hoped it could be, and more!!  I'm afraid future college visits may pale in comparison!!"

"After coming I felt so much more prepared for getting to college. The financial aid and scholarship presentations were especially useful and overall I'm glad I went."